Tandulwadi Trek : 1st Monsoon trek of the Season ( Organised by Save Tours & Treks) Put on your trek shoes and get ready to create your own story ! Difficulty level : Medium Date : 17 June 2018 Trek cost: 280 Rs. (Includes Travelling from Saphale Station, Tea-breakfast, evening snacks, first-aid, energetics, expert & […]
Mahuli Night Trek : Pre-Monsoon clouds Special (Organised by Save Tours & Treks) Get ready to welcome monsoon clouds from Highest point of Thane District ! Date : 9 & 10 June 2018 Pickup points and time : Borivali Station at 9.30 PM Thane Majiwada Junction at 11.00 PM Difficulty level : Medium Trek cost: […]
Pre-monsoon clouds and fireflies special Night Trek to Harishchandragad and Kokankada ( Organised by Save Tours & Treks) Monsoon is about to knock our doors & you are still not ready for the trek? Get ready to welcome monsoon clouds! Special attractions : Fireflies Pre-monsoon clouds Indravajra Konkankada Kedareshwar temples & huge Shivling Ancient caves […]
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